Electric Scooter Reviews- What You Need To Know

Do you want to know what others are really saying in their electric scooter reviews?  There are a few brands out on the market for electric scooters but a couple of brands tend to really stick out and rightfully so.  In regards to the caliber and value of a scooter, the Razor brand is popular with consumer.  People tend to have really positive things to say about this Brand and its line of scooters.  Below are some details on the most popular models available.

Electric Scooter Reviews – Small Children

electric scooterOne of the top models that we actually recommend for children (6-8 yrs.) is the E100.  It is cheaper than the models made for older children.  It has a quick charge of only 8-12 hours compared to upgraded versions which have twice the amount of charge time.  It’s carrying capacity is 120 lbs.  Once charged you can get a minimum of 45 mintues of continuous use.  This is an excellent beginning scooter.

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Kids 12 Years of Age or Older

e300 scooterThe Razor E300 has a 12 hour charge length.  It was made for older kids and bigger teens.  It’s weight capacity is about 225 pounds and can operate for about 45 mintues on a continuous charge.  It reaches speeds of up to 18 mph, so this is not the scooter for really young children as it goes too fast.   This is definitely enough time for them to enjoy the scooter around the neighborhood.

Razor Pocket Mod for Adults

The Razor Pocket Mod is a vintage style classic scooter.  It tops speeds at approximately 15 mph.  The overall design is more comfortable.  Adults enjoy this scooter as well.  It lasts a little less on the overall charging time at approximately 30 mintues.  It comes in various colors suchas lavender, pink, purple, and black.  Adults can actually use this scooter and some have reported just doing that.

Electric Scooter Conclusion

The important thing to remember is that the Razor brand is highly favorable in the scooter marketplace.  There positive reviews outweigh the negative.  The durability of the of the products speak for themselves.  Make sure that you follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer and purchase the correct safety equipment.  A helmet is a must!  Take these extra steps and you should definitely enjoy your Razor electric scooter.


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