Is Google Glass a Hit or a Miss?

One may see Google as a popular search engine, yet, it has extended its parameters by creating their own wave of products that are geared towards advancements in technology. Just recently, the company has launched the cutting edge technology called the Google Glass.

The glass as its name implies is a wearable technology. It has an optical head mounted display that shows information akin to smart phones in a hands free format. Just like with any other new gadgets, this also has hit and miss points to dig deeper into.

Google Glass: The Hit Points

In terms of the ease of use, this glass really has something significant to say. As it runs in a hands free format, it is easier to tag this device along almost anywhere. You do not have to carry the gadget since you can wear it with ease while using it to perform basic internet searching.

In terms of internet search by the way, it can follow natural voice language commands. This means that you do not have to type or to touch the glass with your hands to operate. Your voice will do the work. You can just utter the word you would like to search and it will do its purpose.

The Drawbacks of Google Glass

There is no question as with the impressiveness of Google Glass features. But just like any other advanced gadgets, it has some flaws too.

One controversy linked with the glass is its possible invasion of privacy prowess. The glass has the ability to detect people with its face recognition features. This will make the user capable of knowing a person’s name just by aiming the glass on the direction.

There is also a risk in terms of eye health just by using the device. If computers can already strain the eyes with its distance, the technology can affect vision all the more.


These are just some of the points that speak about the hit and the miss parts of this new invention by Google. It is obviously a hit for those tech savvy people but definitely a miss to those who value privacy more than anything else.

The brand has been making conscious efforts in clearing the flaws that have been concluded. In fact, it has tightened its grip on privacy deals. Recently, it is said that the brand has stopped producing prototypes of the model but is still developing the device better known as Google Glass to perfection.

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