Investments in Biotech Firms on the Rise

Biotechnology is said to be a volatile industry. Its ever changing trend may always seem to pull investors back. However, what has left a lot of people at awe is the rising investment in biotech firms these days. Is this a sign of improvement on biotech? Or is this just another great leap before the fall?

To give you a clear view about this industry, here are some basic truths. Biotechnology is a branch of medicine which seeks to study cellular and molecular processes in order to come up with new advancements that are geared towards preventing and treating diseases.

A lot of times, biotech is mistaken as under the umbrella of pharmacology since the processes are quite akin. But this is actually a different world. To set things in simpler terms, pharmacology aims to develop drugs that are produced by mixing chemicals while biotech makes use of living organisms to actually get the molecular make up to ward off diseases. Pharmacology’s face is drugs while biotech’s vaccines.

Probably, one of the biggest turning point to this ever changing industry happened when Ebola hit. As you might notice, there is still no drug widely used to ward off the disease. But, through biotechnology, people may come protecting. The existing virus can be studied to come up with protective measures like that with vaccines. This has put biotech to a boom.

It is true that without investors, biotech firms may not stand to address the demands. The process of producing vaccines per se will take a long time and would demand a big cost as well to which investors can help.

While a lot of people may view the rise in investments as a good sign, experts are rather frightened about the days to come because of the fact of the volatility of the industry. However, a lot of investors would often tend to depend on the fact that as long as there are still children to save through vaccines and as long as new emerging diseases will still need biotech to produce enough armor of protection, the industry will still be left standing.

The overwhelming rise in investments may be a shocking truth. Yet, this is not something new. Of course, investors are drawn towards the industry that will yield more profits. And while new emerging diseases still come in fresh, these investors may find it just proper to jump into the bandwagon.


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