Advancement in Prosthetics

A lot of advancements in prosthesis mostly focus on orthopedics. Gone were the days when missing a part of the extremities is a huge problem. Today, prosthesis may not only give the user the feeling of having a part restored but most of the advancements literally gives the feeling of having a limb back.

Looking back at the past years, there has been quite a significant and drastic change in the development of prosthesis. Investors come up with ideas involving the use of modern day tools like computers in completing developments which has made a great leap.

One of the most noted advancement in this field is the use of more efficient materials. Artificial limbs are now made up of carbon fiber on the inside which gives the user a life-like feeling. In terms of durability, prosthesis has also evolved. Titanium, which is a known durable material, is incorporated. The use of this material cuts the cost usually paid to replace prosthetic limbs within a short time frame.

And probably, the highlight of the advancement in prosthetics is the use of modern technology in perfecting the projects. Just recently, Bluetooth operated limbs have been launched. Those who have both limbs amputated can now move in sync because of the incorporation of Bluetooth which bridges communication between the legs. The good thing about Bluetooth is that it is completely programmable to fit with the needs of the patient.

Aside from Bluetooth, microprocessors are also used to perfect leg prosthesis. This on the other hand helps patients with above the knee amputations. A microprocessor is implanted on the prosthesis which empowers it to determine pressure on the missing limb. As it senses pressure, it is able to adjust with the movement to meet patients’ needs.

These advancements are only sure hints that prosthesis use may get even better. Just when you think that these are all that it can get, researches are actually still developing new strategies to perfect the craft. One concrete example is the development of iLimb which has been recently launched. The thing to watch out for in this product is its sensors which have the ability to detect movement through electric signals.

It is a relief that the advancements in prosthesis are made available for the public now. The development of prosthesis is dominantly made in the past for military personnel who have lost extremities in battle. But today, everyone who has that missing extremity problem can now enjoy the great leaps of technology to bring back their lives as close to normal.


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