Electric Scooter Reviews- What You Need To Know

Do you want to know what others are really saying in their electric scooter reviews?  There are a few brands out on the market for electric scooters but a couple of brands tend to really stick out and rightfully so.  In regards to the caliber and value of a scooter, the Razor brand is popular with consumer.  People tend to have really positive things to say about this Brand and its line of scooters.  Below are some details on the most popular models available.

Electric Scooter Reviews – Small Children

electric scooterOne of the top models that we actually recommend for children (6-8 yrs.) is the E100.  It is cheaper than the models made for older children.  It has a quick charge of only 8-12 hours compared to upgraded versions which have twice the amount of charge time.  It’s carrying capacity is 120 lbs.  Once charged you can get a minimum of 45 mintues of continuous use.  This is an excellent beginning scooter.

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Kids 12 Years of Age or Older

e300 scooterThe Razor E300 has a 12 hour charge length.  It was made for older kids and bigger teens.  It’s weight capacity is about 225 pounds and can operate for about 45 mintues on a continuous charge.  It reaches speeds of up to 18 mph, so this is not the scooter for really young children as it goes too fast.   This is definitely enough time for them to enjoy the scooter around the neighborhood.

Razor Pocket Mod for Adults

The Razor Pocket Mod is a vintage style classic scooter.  It tops speeds at approximately 15 mph.  The overall design is more comfortable.  Adults enjoy this scooter as well.  It lasts a little less on the overall charging time at approximately 30 mintues.  It comes in various colors suchas lavender, pink, purple, and black.  Adults can actually use this scooter and some have reported just doing that.

Electric Scooter Conclusion

The important thing to remember is that the Razor brand is highly favorable in the scooter marketplace.  There positive reviews outweigh the negative.  The durability of the of the products speak for themselves.  Make sure that you follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer and purchase the correct safety equipment.  A helmet is a must!  Take these extra steps and you should definitely enjoy your Razor electric scooter.


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Is Google Glass a Hit or a Miss?

One may see Google as a popular search engine, yet, it has extended its parameters by creating their own wave of products that are geared towards advancements in technology. Just recently, the company has launched the cutting edge technology called the Google Glass.

The glass as its name implies is a wearable technology. It has an optical head mounted display that shows information akin to smart phones in a hands free format. Just like with any other new gadgets, this also has hit and miss points to dig deeper into.

Google Glass: The Hit Points

In terms of the ease of use, this glass really has something significant to say. As it runs in a hands free format, it is easier to tag this device along almost anywhere. You do not have to carry the gadget since you can wear it with ease while using it to perform basic internet searching.

In terms of internet search by the way, it can follow natural voice language commands. This means that you do not have to type or to touch the glass with your hands to operate. Your voice will do the work. You can just utter the word you would like to search and it will do its purpose.

The Drawbacks of Google Glass

There is no question as with the impressiveness of Google Glass features. But just like any other advanced gadgets, it has some flaws too.

One controversy linked with the glass is its possible invasion of privacy prowess. The glass has the ability to detect people with its face recognition features. This will make the user capable of knowing a person’s name just by aiming the glass on the direction.

There is also a risk in terms of eye health just by using the device. If computers can already strain the eyes with its distance, the technology can affect vision all the more.


These are just some of the points that speak about the hit and the miss parts of this new invention by Google. It is obviously a hit for those tech savvy people but definitely a miss to those who value privacy more than anything else.

The brand has been making conscious efforts in clearing the flaws that have been concluded. In fact, it has tightened its grip on privacy deals. Recently, it is said that the brand has stopped producing prototypes of the model but is still developing the device better known as Google Glass to perfection.

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

The overwhelming majority of reviews by consumers are positive for the Razor E100 electric scooter. Why is this? I can tell you that as a lover of all things involving technology, I truly did take a liking to this product. I actually purchased this for my nephew and I have to align with the positive reviews. While no machine is perfect, this is definitely a great beginning electric scooter for a young child.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review – Why You Should Consider It

razor e100 electric scooterThe Razor E100 scooter is a great beginner electric scooter. It is designed for children 8 years fo age or older. However, I have seen others purchase this model for children as young as 7. If you have young kids that need to learn balance, this is a great scooter for that. The scooter itself is solid and sturdy. The pneumatic tires can easily navigate rough and bumpy roads.

Assembly is easy. The two parts are: main body and the handlebars. All you have to do is attach the two pieces. It ships pretty fast as well. You can also disassemble the top portion (handlebars) and shaft so it will be more easily moveable. Riding time can exceed what is listed on label. Although it says that there is a continuous charge of 45 minutes, I have seen it last approximately an hour just riding up and down the hill.

* Travels up to 10 mph
* Front hand brake
* Charge time for battery is about 12 hours
* Maximum Weight Capacity is 120 lbs.
* 45 minutes of continuous charge
* 90 day product warranty

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Drawbacks

You really cannot use this as some sort of push scooter. It is too heavy for that. Be careful in rain or on slick streets as the rear wheel tire can slip. The brake is attached on the handlebar. Some children lack sufficient enough grip to properly engage the breaks. That’s okay. You just may need to teach them how to release the throttle.

Other Things To Keep In Mind
The motor kicks in after a manual 3 mph is reached.

Other Features:
* Ultra-quiet belt driven motor and twist-grip throttle
* Adjustable handlebar adapts to riders of all sizes
* Motor cruises at speeds up to 10 mph

Bottom Line: This is a fun and solid scooter. At the price point, it is very affordable especially since many users have reported that it has lasted them for a few years at the very least. If you are looking for a faster, heavier model, than E300 model may be perfect for you since it is designed for teenagers. If not, then definitely check out the Razor E100 electric scooter.

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Investments in Biotech Firms on the Rise

Biotechnology is said to be a volatile industry. Its ever changing trend may always seem to pull investors back. However, what has left a lot of people at awe is the rising investment in biotech firms these days. Is this a sign of improvement on biotech? Or is this just another great leap before the fall?

To give you a clear view about this industry, here are some basic truths. Biotechnology is a branch of medicine which seeks to study cellular and molecular processes in order to come up with new advancements that are geared towards preventing and treating diseases.

A lot of times, biotech is mistaken as under the umbrella of pharmacology since the processes are quite akin. But this is actually a different world. To set things in simpler terms, pharmacology aims to develop drugs that are produced by mixing chemicals while biotech makes use of living organisms to actually get the molecular make up to ward off diseases. Pharmacology’s face is drugs while biotech’s vaccines.

Probably, one of the biggest turning point to this ever changing industry happened when Ebola hit. As you might notice, there is still no drug widely used to ward off the disease. But, through biotechnology, people may come protecting. The existing virus can be studied to come up with protective measures like that with vaccines. This has put biotech to a boom.

It is true that without investors, biotech firms may not stand to address the demands. The process of producing vaccines per se will take a long time and would demand a big cost as well to which investors can help.

While a lot of people may view the rise in investments as a good sign, experts are rather frightened about the days to come because of the fact of the volatility of the industry. However, a lot of investors would often tend to depend on the fact that as long as there are still children to save through vaccines and as long as new emerging diseases will still need biotech to produce enough armor of protection, the industry will still be left standing.

The overwhelming rise in investments may be a shocking truth. Yet, this is not something new. Of course, investors are drawn towards the industry that will yield more profits. And while new emerging diseases still come in fresh, these investors may find it just proper to jump into the bandwagon.


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Advancement in Prosthetics

A lot of advancements in prosthesis mostly focus on orthopedics. Gone were the days when missing a part of the extremities is a huge problem. Today, prosthesis may not only give the user the feeling of having a part restored but most of the advancements literally gives the feeling of having a limb back.

Looking back at the past years, there has been quite a significant and drastic change in the development of prosthesis. Investors come up with ideas involving the use of modern day tools like computers in completing developments which has made a great leap.

One of the most noted advancement in this field is the use of more efficient materials. Artificial limbs are now made up of carbon fiber on the inside which gives the user a life-like feeling. In terms of durability, prosthesis has also evolved. Titanium, which is a known durable material, is incorporated. The use of this material cuts the cost usually paid to replace prosthetic limbs within a short time frame.

And probably, the highlight of the advancement in prosthetics is the use of modern technology in perfecting the projects. Just recently, Bluetooth operated limbs have been launched. Those who have both limbs amputated can now move in sync because of the incorporation of Bluetooth which bridges communication between the legs. The good thing about Bluetooth is that it is completely programmable to fit with the needs of the patient.

Aside from Bluetooth, microprocessors are also used to perfect leg prosthesis. This on the other hand helps patients with above the knee amputations. A microprocessor is implanted on the prosthesis which empowers it to determine pressure on the missing limb. As it senses pressure, it is able to adjust with the movement to meet patients’ needs.

These advancements are only sure hints that prosthesis use may get even better. Just when you think that these are all that it can get, researches are actually still developing new strategies to perfect the craft. One concrete example is the development of iLimb which has been recently launched. The thing to watch out for in this product is its sensors which have the ability to detect movement through electric signals.

It is a relief that the advancements in prosthesis are made available for the public now. The development of prosthesis is dominantly made in the past for military personnel who have lost extremities in battle. But today, everyone who has that missing extremity problem can now enjoy the great leaps of technology to bring back their lives as close to normal.


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Electric Scooters for Kids – A Closer Look

Electric scooters for kids are a great option if you are looking to get our children something fun that they can play with all the time. They can be purchased for older or younger children and are not that costly when you consider that it will last you for a few years at the very least. Below are some of the best and most popular scooters designed for children to have a blast.

Electric Scooters for Kids- Popular Choices

The biggest and most recognizable brand out there is Razor. The popular brand has a good reputation for manufacturing quality scooters. Generally speaking most electric scooters will not go over 20 mph, so you really do not have to worry about the safety aspect. Just make sure that the proper safety attire, most importantly a helmet is worn at all times.

Electric Scooters for Kids – Old vs Younger

Younger Kids

electric scooters for kids e100The Razor E100 has awesome reviews and is a popular model. It was designed for children 8 years of age and older. It ‘s maximum capacity is 54kg. and doesn’t exceed 10 mph. This is a great option if you have a younger child who is trying a scooter out for the first time.

Nifty Specs:

  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated front brake
  • Retractable kickstand
  • 8” Pneumatic front tire

Older Children

e300 scooterThe Razor E300 is a popular model designed for children who are 12 years of age and older. It can reach speeds as high as 8 mph. This is probably NOT the best option for a child starting out who is just starting to ride an electric scooter. The weight capacity is 220 lbs. and riding time is around 45 minutes on one battery charge.

E300 Specs:

  • Super-sized deck & steel frame
  • High torque, chain driven motor
  • Extra wide 10″ pneumatic tires

Electric Scooters for Kids Conclusion

The electric scooters mentioned above are a wonderful gift option. Many children seem to enjoy them. Please keep in mind that all of the models also come with the option of a pre-built seat attached. For example, the e-100 scooter model with a seat attached is E100S. It is simply labeled with an S at the end of each model number. This is a good way for children to practice coordination and balance.

Please do not forget that the appropriate safety gear must also be worn at all times while riding the scooter.  These razor scooters for kids spoken about can be a wonderful addition anytime and it will last at the bare minimum a few years.

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